Should You Choose Wood for Your Outdoor Signs?

16 April 2018
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Are you in the market to buy some directional signs for outdoor use, perhaps to draw attention to your new business or to point visitors toward a particular location? If you are, you will undoubtedly realise that these need to be more than just purely functional, as they have to portray a certain image and carefully reflect your branding. As they also have to last a long time, surely wood is the best all-round alternative, as it is hardy and simply exudes class? Before you proceed down that route, you should consider all the pros and cons, as there may be a better option.

Isn't Wood Always Best?

A well-made wooden sign will certainly look good at the outset and could indeed suggest that you have invested carefully in these particular signs. However, even though wood is often chosen in this situation, it is not the best solution for this task.

Weather Issues

One of the biggest issues with wooden signs is that they will warp when subjected to a lot of moisture, and this will inevitably happen from time to time, as storms persist through the season. This moisture will tend to penetrate the surface and will then cause the wood to swell, leading to an uneven appearance and significantly affecting your branded message.

Not only that, but wood will tend to react poorly if subjected to extreme heat, and this is more than just a possibility, of course. Signs that are placed in direct sunlight will expand during the heat of a summer day and then contract as the temperatures fall. Once again, this will lead to cracking and disintegration in the months and years ahead.

More Challenges

A wooden sign is typically not cut from one piece of raw material but is usually an amalgam that's glued together in the factory. This makes it even more brittle when exposed to the elements and so less likely to go the distance.

Artificial Is Better

This is why the better option is a PVC foam sign, which is made from completely artificial ingredients and designed to be impenetrable. The surface is waterproof as it is not formed from any living matter, cannot rot and will therefore retain its shape and appearance no matter what the weather may throw at it.

Making Your Choice

Before making your decision, have a word with your printer so that they can design your signs on PVC foam and you can see just how good they look, after all.