Convincing Reasons to Commission Floor Graphics From A Signage Supplier

11 May 2022
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Once you launch a brick and mortar retail store, your initial priority is ensuring you are directing as much foot traffic as possible into your store. Thus, when consulting with a signage supplier, you likely are concentrating your efforts on designing striking outdoor signs that will catch the attention of motorists and passers-by alike. But what about indoor signage for your shop? A blunder to avoid is simply focusing on getting people into your store and not providing them with adequate information to navigate around the premises with ease. And the best way of doing so is by having the signage supplier manufacture floor graphics to meet your needs. Have a look at the following convincing reasons to commission floor graphics from a signage supplier.

Floor graphics barely take up any space

If this is your first foray into the retail industry, you are probably working with a modest budget. And this is not normal when you consider the fact that running a retail store is incredibly cash-intensive since you constantly have to stock up on inventory. That being said, you may have a small retail space that does not give you much flexibility when it comes to mounting signage on the walls. Instead of running the risk of making your store look even more cramped than it is, you should consider working with a sign supplier to create visually interesting floor graphics. Certainly, floor graphics are primarily employed as directional signage, but this is not the only role they can play in your store. By customizing the design of the decals to relay varying information, you can use the floor decals all over your store without having to be concerned about spatial limitations.

Floor graphics are highly versatile

The second reason why you should commission floor graphics from a signage supplier is to make the most of the versatility that these signs offer. To begin with, unlike conventional signage that needs to be mounted, floor graphics can be installed anywhere you want. Hence, while some people choose to primarily utilise them on their retail floor space, you also have the flexibility to install them on walls, doors or even the ceiling if you so wish. Secondly, floor graphics need minimum upkeep and you will not have to worry about premature wear. Since these graphics are moisture and fade resistant, you can install them in both high and low traffic areas without having to be concerned about the damage that would detract from the appearance and messaging on the signs.