Types of Signs to Install for Your Small Retail Business

12 May 2021
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While most business owners are aware of the fact that signage is one of the best ways to advertise their brick-and-mortar business without having to pay monthly or weekly fees, not many of them are aware of which types of signs they should purchase. The mistake that some business owners make is thinking that as long as they can get a cheap sign with the name of their business on it, they do not have to do much more. But this is a gross misassumption.

When you first consult with sign installers, you will quickly realise that there is a diverse array of options available. The trick to making the most of your signage is to know which ones will be most relevant for your business so that the sign installer can place them strategically around your premises. To help you whittle down your options, here are two types of signs to install for your small retail business.

A storefront sign

When people are going about their day, it can be difficult to catch their attention, more so since you do not know if what you are selling would be of any interest to them. Therefore, rather than leave it up to chance if they will stroll into your store or not, you must give them a push in the form of a storefront sign. The biggest mistake that some people make with storefront signs is simply to write the name of their business. While some people will glance at this, they will not have any motivation to venture into your retail business if they do not know what you are offering.

With that in mind, your storefront sign should function as an introduction to your business! Sign installers will not only help you with determining what information will be critical to include in your sign but they can also advise you on what size and shape of storefront sign will work best for your retail store as well as where best to install it. 

Custom banners

Although banner signs are best used temporarily, this does not mean that they will not have a place in your business. The great thing about banner signs is that they can be customised to display any information that you want. This quality makes them a highly versatile choice for business owners that would rather not spend exorbitant amounts of money to relay key information over print media or television.

Instead, you can commission custom banner signs from sign installers when you are launching your new store, introducing a new item to your product line, wishing current and potential clients seasons' greetings and so much more. Another quality of banner signs is that they are highly durable. Typically manufactured from vinyl, sign installers can set them up outdoors without you having to be concerned about damage due to UV exposure, rain and so on. This durability means you can reuse the banner signs as often as you want.