3 Reasons to Use Corflute Signs on Your Construction Site

18 February 2021
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If you're about to set up a new construction site, then you need to make sure that you have the right signage in place. As well as statutory safety signs, you might need directional and informational signs at key points around the site.

While pre-printed stock signs might cover some of your needs, you'll probably also need some custom signs. If you're looking for a budget-friendly solution, then ribbed, plastic corflute products are a good option. Here's why.

1. Get a Quick Customised Print

You need to have your signage ready as soon as your site opens. Your signs might contain vital safety information. You might also use signs to direct traffic, visitors and workers on a larger site. Your site will be safer and easier to work in if you have the right signs up where you need them. Fortunately, corflute signs are quick to make. You can have stock safety information and guidance printed on this plastic. Or, you can have custom signs made. You can also print in full-colour and get quality high-resolution results on this material.

2. Get Easy Installation

Some signs take more time to install than others. You might need to buy specialist fixings or to reinforce hanging areas if the signs are heavier than usual. Signs made from plastic corflute are easy to put up; they suit multiple locations and hanging surfaces. For a start, this material is lightweight and flexible. So, it won't add unnecessary weight and it doesn't need extra reinforcement or support.

Corflute signs also give you more versatility. The material is light enough to glue on to any surface. You can also nail, screw or bolt it into place if you want without damaging the sign itself. Plus, if you buy signs with holes punched into the corners, then you can simply hang the sign or use rope to tie it around something.

3. Get Signs That Cope with a Site Environment

Corflute signs are made from ribbed plastic. Their corrugated design makes them robust, but they still have some plastic flexibility. This means your signs will stay in place during the job. Even if someone accidentally knocks into one, it should be flexible enough to stay in one piece.

This material is also a good option if your signs will be out in the open. Corflute is waterproof, so rain won't damage the material or your printing. Plus, the ribbed lines in the material encourage water to run down a sign, simultaneously washing its surface and then keeping it dry. This is a useful way of getting rid of dust from your site that might settle on your signs.

To find out more about corflute and how it could work on your site, contact a signage company.