What do event hire businesses offer?

3 January 2019
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Along a person's life there are many key events that give them a reason to celebrate. This means creating unforgettable events that create memories to last a lifetime. The event hire industry caters to the hiring needs of people to make their events shine. They offer a range of items for hiring, including furniture, decorative items, menu catering and so much more. People are spending more and more on their events and looking for features that make their events stand out. 

What do businesses in the event hiring business offer?

  • Inspiration: You may be confused with regards to the style and aesthetic of the setup you want for your event. Event hire companies will show you inspirational galleries of events they have covered and help you select each and every element for your function, from lighting to tablecloths. 
  • Venues: Hiring out traditional event halls and centers can be expensive. In fact, the most expensive component of any event is the cost of the venue. Event hire companies offer a range of marquees that function as venues. These can be set up at your chosen location, and the interior set up and styled to your taste. This is an affordable alternative that won't break the bank.
  • Menu: You can choose what kind of menu you want for your function. You may have a small function with just canapes and light refreshments, or you may want to have a five-course meal for a large number of guests. Event hire companies offer to take care of the menu for you and will also give you the chance to taste test the menu before you make a decision.
  • Signage: In order to make your event special, you may want to hire signage. Signage can really add your personal touch where you can choose the lettering. You can decide to have handcrafted letters forming your child's name for a birthday party, for example. You can also have certain quotes written beautifully and situated at the entrance of your wedding. The possibilities are endless.

Cost of event hire

The total cost of event hire depends upon the quality of the items used, as well the industry value of the company you choose to hire. A number of high-end companies will do detailed props and styling for your event that would be more suited for intimate events. If you are after event hire on a budget, then you can simply choose to hire components, such as hiring out a company to create a feature table.