4 Steps to Building Brand Awareness

17 April 2018
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Running a modern business is all about brand awareness. After all, if potential customers don't have a clue about your business or the services and products you sell, your business won't last very long at all. Below is a guide to 4 steps you can take to improve awareness of your brand.

Hire out a billboard

The billboard can still be a very effective way of getting your corporate message across to customers. Ideally, you should choose a billboard which is located in an area which receives heavy foot traffic, such as a train station or shopping mall. Experiment by using billboards which are in different areas to see what effect this has on sales.

Install traditional signage

Many businesses are using the latest LED signs These LED signs often feature so many moving images and bright colours that they wouldn't look out of place in Times Square. If you decide to also invest in an LED sign, it is unlikely to stand out among the hundreds of other electronic signs on the high street. One way of making yourself stand out is to go old school. You should consider hiring a professional sign-writer who will design, paint and install a traditional sign on the front of your business. While they may not be as jazzy as their LED cousins, hand-painted signs create feelings of trust, tradition and longevity.

Go digital

If you really want to succeed, you will need to go digital. This means creating branded social media accounts which can be used to connect with your customers and offer them discounts and offers. It is vital that the look of your online store or website matches the look you have used for your signs and other types of branding.

Install vehicle signage

If you own a vehicle which is used to transport goods or people around during the working day, you should consider having specialist vehicle signage installed on it. A sign making company will be able to use a computer-aided design program to perfect the design so it fits seamlessly onto the surface of the car or van. The design will then be printed onto an adhesive material and applied to the bodywork of the vehicle. This effectively turns your company car or van into a mobile billboard which is advertising your business and building brand awareness everywhere it goes.

If you would like to find out more, contact a sign maker at a company like Mark Gresham Sign Corporation today.